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We generate consumer inquiry leads each day, so you know the consumer has had their credit checked for approval yesterday as of the latest. All trigger leads are scrubbed against the National Do Not Call list to help ensure our clients are totally compliant with all telemarketing laws.

Our leads are people who have had their credit pulled the previous day for a loan/score inquiry. These consumers have just had their credit checked within 24 hours, specifically for insurance, auto finance, and mortgage loans filtered by credit score or loan balance, etc. We give you more value for your dollar by offering the best inquiry leads at the best price – all based on the parameters you specify you would like, which can be changed on a daily basis.
Mortgage Inquiry Leads
Mortgage Prospects  |  Reverse Mortgages

Insurance Inquiry Leads
New Home/Auto Prospects  |  Policy Renewal Prospects

Automotive Inquiry Leads
Customer Retention  |  New and Used Financing |  Second Chance Financing

Additional Pre-Screened Data
Real Estate Credit Data  |  Property Tax Assessment Information |  Consumer Demographic Information

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